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getting it done at 5pm.. its 4.28 now. frickfrickfrick

Also went to the place as i’m pretty sure we had the appointment for 4.. so now i feel pretty embarrassed going back :P pahaha. 

Also I fear the pain. Googling ‘How painful are rib tattoos’ was not wise! 



Tattoo in a week and a day.. BRICKIN’ IT!!! 

Also still unsure whether to go for the ribs or lower down/side back. :|

eeeeeeekkk!!!!! soo exciiitedddd!!!!! ^_^ 

and lost another 2kg this week after eating a massive amount of chocolate in the past week and not doing any form of exercise … - HOW DOES THAT WORK?! :| 

Guess I can’t complain.. :P 


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